Wednesday, 26 June 2013

How to apply gel polish - with photos!

Gel polish is the latest trend that gives you glamerous nail colour. Nail colour can suposedly last up to 14 days! this nail innovation takes out the dry-time of traditional manicures and resists against chipping. Gel pollish has many different names such as: O.P.I gel pollish, shellac, bluesky or gellish but they are all basicly the same product for different brands.

Gel polish glides on like normal nail polish but sets instantly like gel. Another benefit of gel polish is the removal. unlike gel nails where scraping and sanding can ruin your nail bed, gel polish soaks off.

Click to find out how to apply gel polish step by step :)
Recommended items on hand:
  • an orange wood stick, to push back the cuticle
  • lint free wipes
  • if doing a pedicure, toe separators

1. Shape and file your nails to desired shape. Push back the cuticle and clean the surrounding nail

2. Wash hands after you have finished shaping nails
3. After washing hands, lightly buff the nail surface with a fine grain emery. (this step is optional). 

IMPORTANT: if nail surface has come into contact with any substance (oil, cream ect) after step 3, was hands again to ensure nail surface is completly clean.

Before starting makesure the nail surface is completly clean & free of any oils, creams or chemicals. 

1. Apply a thin coat of base gel to the nail - this is sometimes called a foundation coat, then lightly stroke over the tip of the nail to seal the edges of the nail.
2. Cure gel using your LED or UV lamp. drying times will vary depending on you lamp and the brand of gel used, refer to your specific brand for drying times. After curing the surface of the base gel, it will remain sticky. this is expected.
3. Apply 1st thin coat of you chosen gel colour
4. cure under lamp
5. Apply a 2nd thin coat of you chosen gel colour
6. cure under lamp 
7. Apply a thin coat of top coat - this is sometimes refereed to as sealer or finishing coat
8. Cure under lamp - again
9. Your curing is now complete, now you must remove the sticky residue off the nail surface. Using your cleanser wipes supplied, gently wipe over each nail
9. Saturate a lint free wipe/cotton wool with cleanser and gently wipe over each nail. Some brands require you to use their brand cleanser with a lint free wipe remove the tacky surface - any lint free wipe and cleanser with at least 70% alcohol content will surface (think rubbing alcohol & paper towels or medi-swabs available at chemists)

  • use a cuticle stick to clean up any excess gel from around the cuticle or under the nail before curing the nail. this will prevent the sides of the gel polish from peeling, and your manicure will last longer!
  • applying thin layers of gel polish allows the lamp to cure the gel completely. too thick layers will result in unevenly cured polish (reducing the life of your manicure), or cause the polish to peel away from the nail when dry.
  • most gel polish brands suggest curing 4 fingers separate from your thumbs. you can cure both thumbs at the same time.


Photo Credits: GELISH NAILS

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