Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Choosing under-eye colour corrector and application

Eye color correctors are used for used to correct extreme under-eye darkness. Corrector can be peach or pink toned. Make sure it is applied up to the lashes and in the inner corner space between the eye and the bridge of the nose. If your skin is pale choose the lightest colors, beginning with bisque or light pink. for deeper skin tomes, choose peach or darker peach.
Even if you don't have alot of darkness under your eyes, you can still use corrector to brighten the eyes.

To apply your corrector begin at the inner corner of the eye and continue outwards, remaining close to the lashes. Gently blend using your ring finger (this is your most gentle finger) apply concealer if required.

  Photo credits: Bobbi Brown

 xoxo Dee

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