Sunday, 9 June 2013

Yogurt and oatmeal deep cleansing face mask

 Yogurt has been used for centuries for its health giving properties. Here, live, organic yogurt is mixed with finely ground oatmeal and a little honey for an all purpose face mask. this face mask is suited to all skin types, and is both cleansing and rejuvenating. if you have any doubt about which face mask to use, this is the one to go for.

1 tbsp finely ground oatmeal
1 tbsp live, organic yogurt
1 small tsp honey

  1. Place the oatmeal in a bowl. Add the yogurt and mix to a spreadable consistency.
  2. Warm the honey in a small glass bowl. pour into the yogurt and oatmeal mixture and blend the ingredients thoroughly.
  3. Immediately apply the yogurt and oatmeal mask to a cleansed face and rest for ten to fifteen minutes.
  4. Finally, wash off the mask with warm water and apply a toner and moisturiser.

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