Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Book Club: What I'm currently reading - The Ava Delaney Series

I'm currently reading the Ava Delaney Series by . I downloaded the  Ava Delany Book number 1 - Thirst, when it was a free download in the itunes bookstore (yes - what reader dosen't love a free ebook!?), so i didn't have my hopes set too high. but i was pleasantly surprised that it held my interest and i enjoyed it so much that I'm now reading Ava Delaney 4 - Taken.

Thirst (Ava Delany, #1) Is a story about Ava - a type of "vampire hybrid". The book follows Ava as she tries to controll her thirst for human blood, by avoiding the human world. but when Ava tries to save a human from a vampire attack, she accidentally enslaves the human. As ava tries so release the human from her thrall she get dragged into the supernatural world, finding herself in the middle of an impending vampire civil world.

Average Reader rating:
 3.5 stars
Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

Read this if you like:
  • Twilight
  • The Vampire diaries
  • The hunger games
About The author - from her blog:
Claire Farrell is an Irish author who spends her days separating warring toddlers.  When all five children are in bed, she overdoses on caffeine in the hope she can stay awake long enough to write some more dark flash fiction, y/a paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

The Ava Delaney Series:
  • You can currently download book one - Thirst, in the itunes store,
    OR you can download a free PDF preview of the first 100 pages here
    OR (and the best option) get it FOR FREE from amazon by clicking below!
Books 2 - 6 can also be purchased by clicking the above link ;)
  • Ava Delaney #2 Taunt
  • Ava Delaney #3 Tempt
  • Ava Delaney #4 Taken
  • Ava Delaney #5 Taste
  • Ava Delaney #6 Traitor

    Have a read, and let me know what you think 
    xoxo Dee

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