Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Free Printable Valentine Projects!

With Valentine's day approaching I've been noticing the number of cute projects appearing all over the web... So i thought i would share with you some of my favorite pieces, and don't worry if you're single, i have some for you too ;)

These are in no particular order, and use your imagination with these projects, you don't have to be in a relationship (or have a secret crush), to enjoy valentines day!

Cute red and pink heart themed cupcake toppers and wrappers. Matching themes swing tags and a cupcake stand! - red and pink hearts (For my single ladies - and men as well)

I can hear you asking "Why do I want these?" because blogger Jem from Iced Jems has created these to decorate your Valentines Party! Invite all your single friends over and celebrate in style. Jems blog also has more valentines day inspiration, including: Invitation printables (yes they're free too!!) and fun looking valentine deserts.

My Sisters Suitcase has designed these supper cute valentine's day tags - Printable Valentine's Day Tags (An Idea for single parents)

My Sisters Suitcase wanted to start a new valentines tradition with their kids - too cute! The idea is; starting February 1st, and every day up until valentines day, you give out one of the tags with a cute message. I think it would be cute packed in your kids (or partners lunch), so they have a little surprise everyday.

A chalkboard printable for framing -  Free Chalkboard Valentine Printable

Kristy from The Diary of Dave's Wife has turned a quote from the classic romantic song Love by Nat King Cole into decorative chalkboard art

Railway sign inspired frame insert - Valentine Subway Art

This ohh so sweet design comes from the girls at eighteen25 . You can print this design as a photo from a photolab the design is sized to suit a 16 x 20" frame. i love how this design (they have two) looks against the white frame!

An amusing game - Fun & Easy Valentine Game

This was designed at and  is fun for kids and adults alike. Print this out and use some lollies (valentines themed of course) as 'Pete'

Free Party Printables - Valentine Party Circles

The blog anythingbutperfect, Now moved to Hello Cuteness has heaps and heaps of cute valentines printables. if you only visit one site PLEASE visit this one it is amazing! they have candy wrappers, chocolate wrappers, decorative a glass vase and candle holder ideas and notecard templates, just to name a few...

Some other great printables...

Keep Calm and Love On 8 x 10" from The Hands on Housewife


Printable valentines cards from June Lilly

8 x 10" red and pink hearts from Crazy Little Projects

 Owl valentine printable from Silver Boxes

and one last printable

 Kissing booth bunting also from Silver Boxes

Now you should have tons of inspiration and plenty of easy and inexpensive valentine gift ideas. Have fun this valentines and i would love to hear or see how your valentine projects turned out!

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